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Pest Control Mandurah has been protecting homes and businesses with customised pest management solutions that focus on prevention, removal and exclusion—all backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee!

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Pest Control Mandurah practices environmentally responsible pest control. Our pest control plan ensures your home and family is protected year-round from over 36 different pests that appear with each new season.


In addition to thorough pest inspections and treatment inside your home, our trained technicians thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior. By concentrating our efforts outside the home, we reduce the need for future services inside. Pests often come indoors through holes and cracks in your home, and attracted to clutter in your yard. Keeping a tidy yard and sealed home is your best protection from pests.

We have the knowledge, equipment, and expertise to remove pests right the first time, and work with owners and tenants to proactively protect their property from potential pests. We strive to use green and eco-friendly products whenever possible and provide treatment options that are safe for people and pets.

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Whatever it is that's bugging you, your local Mandurah exterminators can help identify and remove the problem. We’ve been helping to keep Mandurah homes and businesses pest-free.


Most pest problems are seasonal in nature: Ants come in the spring, mosquitoes in summer, wasps buzz around in the fall, and mice move in during the winter. But there are plenty of other annoyances that can strike at any time, which is why we offer year-round protection.

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