DIY Termite Pest Control Mandurah

DIY Termite Control Measures

Do It Yourself Termite Control Measures

Pests can be your worst enemy especially if you don’t know the best way of how you should deal with them. They present you with a challenge when they persist on the components of your home and get worse with time. That is why you need to take action to prevent dealing with an increase in pests for your building.

At times, you can control the pests on your own with simple yet effective control measures of pests. They do not require extensive experience to accomplish and you will be able to complete the work within the shortest time possible. Similarly, they do not pose any severe dangerous effect to you when you use them to control pests of any type, even if they were termites.

If you notice that the termites that you discover in your home can be managed by yourself, you should try out any of the following methods;

Using termiticides

Termiticides are used to specifically prevent termites from accessing your home, any parts of the home ranging from the foundation to the timber parts. They also work to limit the movement of the termites and this might kill them or even limit their multiplication. They may also work to prevent termites from penetrating deeper into the soil as they go in search of much-needed moisture.


A liquid termiticide is much more effective than powder termiticides as it spreads in a much easier way. You should apply it right next to the position of the termite infestation and if you can locate the termite colony, that would be the best position to apply it.


Drilling might not work for you since you are keeping things simple. However, if you can get a drill, you could drill through either the concrete or slab and apply the liquid termiticide so that it forms a barrier.


Some other options work as non-repellants and would work far much better because they are not easily detected by termites. Therefore, due to the inability of the termites to sense such types of termiticides, they are unable to evade them and hence they get terminated by the same.


However, if you try the above methods and notice that the termites’ issue is not being controlled, the best approach you can take thereafter is to consult a professional. Professionals have amassed expertise and experience in dealing with pests and are recommended if the extent of the infestation of the termites goes beyond uncontrollable measures. They would offer an effective control method for the pests that would cushion your home against any damage from termites shortly.

Termite baits

If you do not want to deal with chemicals, then you should try out using termite baits that might be an excellent idea due to its simple nature. It does not require too much technicality rather you just need to get the best termite trap for the job. You can then set up the termite trap on the floor of a room; setting it up close to the termite infestation would be an ideal spot.


A suitable bait would be added to the trap and it will work to attract the termite. When they feed on the bait, they will probably die and you will just have to expose the bait and the already dead termites. You would then have to set up the termite trap again and let it work its magic. The termite trap is a basic and simple way of controlling termites that is effective in controlling the spread of termites.


You could use the baits for colonies and deal with a termite infestation when it is just at its initial stages. This would help to avoid dealing with a much bigger elephant in the room.


Termite baits are preferred for situations that chemicals would not be effective. For instance, a structure may not be easily treatable with the termiticides as it may be close to a water source; meaning the termiticides will just be dissolved in the water. Therefore, this simple termite control method would work as a substitute for the most used chemical methods.


Baiting traps are getting advanced in technology daily. In the present day, there are much more improved termite baiting systems that you can work with that are effective for the task at hand. You should always consider them to enjoy their much effective methods of dealing with termites.


Bottom line

There you go, the best way that you can control the spread of pests that you might discover in your home. The above methods are full proof and would work to provide you with an effective solution against the spread of termites, or even them infesting your home. You should be able to accomplish them without any challenges.

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