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Ants Control Mandurah

Mandurah is home to approximately 80,000+ people. Each year, hundreds of these people find them facing an ant infestation. Ants are insects that have a mind of their own. They work diligently preparing for the cold winter months. In doing so, they often find their way into homes and businesses in search of food. As one of the top exterminators in the Mandurah area, we only hire certified technicians and exterminators. These professionals have undergone and completed educational courses that allow them to do their job properly and in a professional manner.

Ants prefer damp or moist wood. They prefer to infest rotting or dead trees or logs, but have also been found in rotting fences, under stones, and more. Once they’ve begun to nest in a damp location, carpenter ants are able to hollow out any surrounding wood, even dry or hardwood. Although carpenter ants are often found outdoors, they typically make their way inside a building through cracks in a foundation, or even by climbing through plumbing or electrical openings into the home.

Ant Control Inspection

Ants are very persistent pests, and sprays, traps and baiting systems are only marginally effective. While these methods may eliminate a foraging trail or two, they are not very effective at killing the queens buried deep within nests and eliminating their capacity to lay eggs.

The ant extermination experts at Pest Control Mandurah have years of experience targeting and eliminating ant nests in and near homes and businesses. Regularly scheduled follow-up visits by our technicians ensure that ants can’t regain their breeding momentum or infest buildings. 

How do I get rid of Ants?

Locally owned Pest Control Mandurah is the best choice to get rid of ants from your home or business. We offer fast response times and peace of mind knowing that your pest problems will be solved, and they won’t return. Our experienced pest professionals provide top-quality pest control services using the latest and most effective products to eliminate ants from Mandurah properties. 

How can I prevent carpenter ants in the future?

  • Remove fallen trees, tree stumps, old wood piles, and other wooden debris from your yard.

  • Place a stone or crushed rock barrier between your foundation and any mulch or grass.

  • To prevent water from seeping inside your home, install weatherstripping around windows and doors, and keep gutters clear.

  • Inspect the exterior of your house and seal up any openings in the foundation, walls, or roofline.

  • Use a dehumidifier to dry out your basement and crawl space.

  • Store garbage cans and compost bins up off of the ground and away from the outside of your home. They should also have locking lids or otherwise be tightly sealed.

  • Pick up fallen fruits and vegetables in garden areas.

  • Pick up uneaten pet food between feedings.

  • Keep food in the refrigerator or inside containers with airtight lids.

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In addition to thorough pest inspections and treatment inside your home, our trained technicians thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior. By concentrating our efforts outside the home, we reduce the need for future services inside. Pests often come indoors through holes and cracks in your home, and attracted to clutter in your yard. Keeping a tidy yard and sealed home is your best protection from pests.

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