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Mice and rat infestations can complicate things for home and business owners. Our job is to eradicate the problem before it forces those living and working in these establishments to vacate.

We work with you to devise a treatment plan that is guaranteed to eradicate the problem in a timely manner. As consumers, family people and homeowners, we understand the stress that you are under to remove the mice before they disrupt your normal routine. The first step is to contact our office to request a free in-home inspection.

  • Signs of roof rats; scratching sounds, chewing noises, and the pitter-patter of little feet in the attic (usually at night). If you or a neighbour have citrus trees, look for a perfectly round hole in the fruit where the rat has eaten the pulp. Overhanging tree limbs provide a perfect ladder for roof rats to begin probing the roof for attic access.
  • Signs of pack rats; chewed up wire harness on your vehicle, rat droppings inside the outdoor barbeque, nesting materials around dense vegetation areas in the yard, chewed up weather strip on the garage door.

As you may notice, a common theme with rodent activity is gnawing. Rats must continually chew to keep their front teeth from growing out of control. Rats will eat through wood, PVC plumbing pipes, wiring harnesses, HVAC ductwork and a variety of other materials.

Initial Rat Inspection

The inspection is a process to determine if an establishment is infested with mice and/or rats. These critters do not discriminate, as they will take up residence just about anywhere. If they can access a warm place to eat, sleep and drink, they will do just that. And, once they have moved in, they have no intentions of ever leaving.

During the inspection process, a member from our Mandurah Pest Control team will thoroughly inspect your home or business, looking for signs of a mice infestation. Our inspectors will typically start in the kitchen or dining area because this is where mice tend to make their nests. If your home is infested, the inspector will look for fecal droppings, damaged food containers and chew marks on walls near plumbing pipes and other forms of access.

Potential damage to your property

Rats eating wires in your home can create a fire hazard, rats eating the wiring harness on your vehicle can be very costly as well. Removal and replacement of insulation is a reality many homeowners face when dealing with rat infestation after the damage is done.

Fortunately, Pest Control Mandurah experts can provide both proactive solutions to guarantee your home will not be soiled by rats and, we can deliver cost-effective solutions if rats have already begun infesting your property. A thorough inspection of your home or business will be required to assess the level of activity, where to set traps, all rats entry points to be excluded, eliminating conducive conditions, creating permanent barriers and the need for ongoing monitoring/baiting. We will also provide visuals of any damage we may find. 

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In addition to thorough pest inspections and treatment inside your home, our trained technicians thoroughly inspect your home’s exterior. By concentrating our efforts outside the home, we reduce the need for future services inside. Pests often come indoors through holes and cracks in your home, and attracted to clutter in your yard. Keeping a tidy yard and sealed home is your best protection from pests.

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