Best Way To Get Rid Of Termites

The best way to get rid of termites

The termites are probably the most annoying, dangerous, and destructive pests that you will ever have to deal with. They take just a couple of years to bring down a house especially if they start destroying the foundation or even the pillar points of the house. They may also damage the timber that is used for various structures of the building such as the roof.


Your intervention would work to deal with the damage caused by the termites. First, you will have to know the exact location of the house where the termites are found and then you can begin the extermination process.

Tracking down the termites

At times professional intervention would be needed to track the infestation of pests, especially the termites. Professionals would come to your rescue especially if the level of the damage is at its severe stages.


Normally, you would not be able to spot evidence that indicates the infestation of termites. This happens as the damage may not be out there in most parts of the house that you frequent, rather it will be shown in those rooms that remain dark and unused most of the time. However, if you can notice some unusual holes on woodwork, sagging floors, or even hollow parts present on the foundation, then there is a termite infestation.


You could always take a flashlight and head to the basement and check for any of the above signs. If you notice them, then you will be dealing with pests, most likely termites. A sign that might be obvious might be a termite’s nest in the basement or just on the outside wall of the house.

Getting rid of the termites

A simple way of dealing with termites is setting up a cardboard trap and add bait to the trap. The bait works to attract the termite to the trap and they eventually get trapped. You can then dispose of them and then set the trap again. However, this method would not work if you are dealing with too many termites as the whole process might be tedious.


You could also get nematodes, the beneficial ones, and use them to control the spread of termites in your house. The nematodes work as parasites and their hosts are the termite larvae, which they burrow into. They work to limit the termite’s population so that the damage caused by the termites is controlled. They might also work to keep the damage caused by termites in the garden in check.


Another basic but also an excellent idea is letting enough sunlight into the room. If the termites are located in the basement, it would be a good idea to open the basement window during the day and let in the glare of the sunlight. During the night, you can leave the light bulb on. This is effective since the heat kills the termites and regulates their reproduction.


The above measures may not always work if you are dealing with termites that are widespread either through your garden or home. For this situation, the best remedy for this is to get professional help. Most experts would use chemicals to deal with the termites, most of them have been tested and found to be effective for this cause. Some of the chemicals used include;


  • Boric acid
  • Termidor SC
  • Taurus SC

For the preventive measures, you will have to clean the home regularly to ensure that it is all dried up, you can use pest repellant on timber and other targeted spots, sealing the cracks that are found in components of your home and also avoiding the use of timber for different structures in your home.


Bottom line

All in all, termites and other pests present a risk on our building’s structure if we ignore them. You might have to deal with greater damage if the issue with the pests is persistent because they will weaken the pillars of the building significantly. Pest Control Mandurah is there for you to offer you seamless advice on how you can best deal with pests that are prevalent in your home.


Pest Control Mandurah company is a group of professionals that know the best way of dealing with pests. They are in on the most advanced techniques that would work to make sure that your home is pest-free. You are also guaranteed that you won’t be dealing with pests shortly thanks to the preventive measures they recommend. Their intervention would work for any type of pests that might affect your home.


When the issue of the pests is uncontrolled, they keep on increasing in number and when you finally decide to take action, they would be spread widely. This presents a headache and most of the pest control measures, as applied in Mandurah city, may not work to eradicate them. That is why early intervention is recommended to avoid serious damages shortly.

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